• Hierarchy

  • The Council is chosen by standing members and the Community Director via a vote. They have the complete authority to enforce our Code of Conduct, speak on behalf of the community, and will be considered the ranking staff at any event. They reserve the right to dismiss any staff or member for any reason at any time and will do so with a written explanation.


    Community Director: Community Director: They are charged with leading the community's day to day operations, making sure all Council/Staff perform their duties and has executive power over all issues

    Server Director: They monitor and maintain our community servers. They are in charge of creating servers for our Subscribers, and helping to troubleshoot any problems involving community servers.

    Security Director: They're tasked with implementing new ideas and procedures designed to safeguard community members.

    Staff Director: They are in charge of monitoring the community's staff and promoting/demoting them when deemed necessary. They oversee the training of new Staff, and the continued education of existing members.

    HR Director: Tasked with the oversight, training, and enlistment of recruiters. Also responsible for promoting and demoting both Recruiters and Recruits.

    Supervisors/Senior Admin

    Community Supervisor:: Works closely with the community director and assists with operations and staff duties on a day-to-day basis.

    Server Supervisor:: Assists with server upkeep and works with the director to create and monitor new gaming servers.

    Security Supervisor:: Assists the director with implementing and discovering new procedures to increase community security.

    Staff Supervisor:: Assists with showing new staff the skills necessary to function as an efficient, fair staff member.

    HR Supervisor:: Assists the director with recruitment of new community members along with promoting new strategies for community growth.

    Web Supervisor:: Oversees all aspects of our community website, including development and maintenance.

    Event Supervisor:: These staff members responsible for overseeing all aspects of community gaming events starting from pre-event work to post-event.


    HR Manager:: Assists the supervisor with recruitment opportunities and helps newer members feel welcome within the community.

    Event Manager: These staff members are responsible for organizing and leading community gaming events, including Game nights and Tournaments.

    Web Manager: Assists the website supervisor with maintenance and is the contact person for website issues.


    HR Advisor: Assists the manager with recruitment while helping introduce new recruits to community protocol.

    Event Advisor: Assists the event manager with organizing gaming events and promoting them to the community.

    Recruiters: These individuals are tasked with introducing new people to the community and assisting them throughout the recruitment process. Recruiters permissions may vary depending upon their rank.

    Enforcer: Tasked with greeting the homeless and settling minor teamspeak disputes.


    Veteran: Achieved after 6 months of continuous activity as Proven. You will receive a personalized channel as a thanks for your loyalty. This can be revoked due to inactivity and regained after 3 months of activity.

    Proven: Gained after spending 6 months as Trusted in the community.

    Trusted: Gained after spending 6 months as a Member in the community.

    Member: Given after the completion of your recruitment period, provides access to all community features and benefits.

    Recruit: The recruitment period lasts for about 2 weeks, this can be extended or reduced depending on activity.

    Friend: A level that is achieved once we get to know you as an individual. Additional permissions include text chat, pokes and private messaging.

    Guest: Guest is the first level you will be assigned when first being welcomed to the server. Talk and move permissions only.